Best SMTP email Services For Email Marketing

Initial Setup First of all, we need a way to connect to the server. Though it’s simple on Linux or MacOS, for Windows you will need an SSH client like putty or Bitvise. Download it and connect to your server Switch to root user
					sudo -i
					hostnamectl set-hostname
					apt install vim -y
vim /etc/hosts
					Now add the following lines and don’t forget to replace the domain name and IP mail
					pt update -y
apt upgrade -y
					apt install gzip
tar zxvf 1.4.2.tar.gz
cd iRedMail-1.4.2

Answer the series of questions appearing on your screen to finalize the iRedMail installation. Select email directory location Select webserver type, if you don’t want to run any applications on this server you can skip it. Select database type. If you want to run mail only server use OpenLDAP but if you are planning to host application as well then select MariaDB or PostgreSQL. The following screen pops up only if you select OpenLDAP. Now type the MySQL administrator password Finally, enter the domain name Now you will be asked to enter postmaster passwor Here on this final screen, you have the option to install Webmail, Calendar, Address book & Activesync. Do not select SOGo unless your system has at least 8 GB of RAM. Make your selection then hit next. Finally the summary of all your choices. If you want to make any modifications press CTRL+C to stop the installation and start once again. Otherwise, type Y and continue.

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