Installing WordPress on cloud hosting is no simple task. Before you install WordPress you need to install several software packages like apache or Nginx, database, PHP, etc. Unless you are experienced it’s very easy to get lost on the command-line interface. And that’s not all, if any issue pops up ever, you might have to spend countless hours to fix that.

Luckily, we have a great solution to this problem. Easyengine team has made the installation of WordPress super easy. All you need is to just execute few lines of command and all the necessary package needed will get installed.

Switch to root user

					sudo -i

Next, update the server with the following command

					apt update && apt upgrade -y

Setting up hostname (optional)

					wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee
Installing WordPress on Cloud After you have completed the above steps execute the following command to install necessary packages and dependencies on your server.
Before you execute the next line of command which will install WordPress, check if DNS records propagated or not, otherwise, you will get an SSL error.
					ee site create --type=wp
The output of the above command must show the IP address of your server.Now, it’s time to install WordPress.
					ee site create --type=wp --mu=wpsubdir --cache
The above command will install WordPress on your cloud with cache and let’s encrypt SSL, all in one command. But just in case if you don’t want to install Let’s Encrypt SSL or Cache then just get rid of that part in the command.
					cd /opt/easyengine/services/ && sudo docker-compose down && sudo docker-compose up -d

You can also create multisite WordPress in a subdirectory using the following command.
					cd /opt/easyengine/sites/ && sudo docker-compose down && sudo docker-compose up -d
Once WordPress installation finishes you will receive all the credentials to login and manage WordPress. Also, if you like to explore more feel free to check easyengine. There you will find different commands for a different purposes. Now, log in to WordPress and start working on your dream. If you want to migrate your WordPress from shared hosting to Cloud hosting, then you can make use of plugins like UpdraftPlus. Fix for EasyEngine 523 error after restarting Cloud When you restart your cloud or VPS, the WordPress website won’t come live itself. You can say it’s an inherent shortcoming of docker rather than easyengine. Therefore, you need to start services to enable WordPress. Run the following command as per your requirements.
					ee site disable
ee site enable

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